Shukradese Film by Joseph Ninasam

Yes, Cinema must win. “Hard work has to be accompanied with Good fortune/Luck(Shukradese)” is the belief of large flock of people in Cinemas. In between these people is a team which has taken Good fortune/Luck (Shukradese) as there title and is all set to hit the screens.
Kannada cinemas have too many new gen talents coming up, in this list we have yet another talent stepping is Joseph Ninasam.

Joseph Ninasam, who is well experienced in Television shows, Various Cinemas and also theatre plays has become the star of the Film.
And the Director is ready to give out a cinema that is tasteful to the Kannada Cine lovers where the story is around the people who are struggling to voice against the system of the society.

Audience could witness a talented team working Under Vogue Entertainment where Anil Bidahas who happens to be the Producer has also worked on the Story, Screenplay and Dialogue. Cinema Shukradese has its Music by Ayyorama S.R. Ramakrishna a Journalist and also a music composer. Eli (Chino-African) and Aparoopa Guopta are the Singers for the film. National and State award winner MN Swamy has his magic work in editing the Cinema.
A completely typical village Romance and their lifestyle is being projected in the poster.
In this Rural essence movie, Who is going to get the Shukradese?
Why this particular title Shukradese for this movie? All these questions would be answered by the Director Joseph Ninasam through this movie.
Shukradese is ready for the Silver screen as soon as possible.

Director joseph neenasam

DOP arjun ajith

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